New Dawesville run at starting line

Dawesville parkrun organisers Tegan Towie, Michelle Sidebottom, Juliette Rowsell, Carrie Flynn and Steve Garner started a drive last year to bring the event to town.A SUCCESSFUL fundraising drive by area runners will give local athletes a new fitness option as the first Dawesville parkrun gets under way on Saturday, March 14.
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Last spring, the group called on local businesses to support bringing the free event, part of a worldwide exercise phenomenon, to the Peel region.

Until now, the closest parkrun was in Rockingham, and organiser Tegan Towie said that people she’s talked to are glad to have this option at the Dawesville Foreshore Reserve.

“They cannot wait to have one closer to home,” she said. “It’s fabulous.”

Parkrun consists of weekly, timed 5-kilometre runs. Held across Australia and overseas, parkruns encourage people of all ages and abilities, including families, to get out and enjoy fitness.

“We get the community together, and they have a good time doing it,” Ms Towie said.

Organisers began work last spring to raise the $10,000 necessary to fund a parkrun group, half of which came from the national body, parkrun Australia. They had hoped to have their first parkrun a bit earlier, but there were some logistical issues. They did, however, meet their goal of having it in the first half of 2015.

“It was a long time coming, but it feels damn good,” Ms Towie said.

The first parkrun in Australia launched in April 2011. There are now more than 100 parkrun events across the country on Saturday mornings with more than 114,000 parkrunners.

To participate in the weekly event, runners should arrive at 7:45am. There will be a pre-run brief, and the run starts at 8am at the southern end of Dawesville Boat Ramp car park.

For more information go to www.parkrun南京夜网.au

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For golf club, it’s a long shot

THE Wentworth Shire general manager has said further discussions would be held with the Wentworth Golf Club regarding its viability.
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The sum of $40,000 has already been contributed by the rate­payers and in all probability this is now nearing $50,000.

Shire CEO Peter Kozlowski has also stated that a report on the club’s viability would be provided to the council in due course.

Given the losses to date, the very small number of members playing and the condition of the course, which will not attract visitors, surely this is very clearly evidence of a total lack of viability.

This is seen by all, excepting presumably the Wentworth Council, which seems to think it has a bottomless pit of ratepayer funds to use on propping up a golf club clearly running out of options.

Losses of the magnitude so far cannot be tolerated by ratepayers for much longer and it is surely incumbent on the council to cease support for the golf club in the near future.

Cr Bill Wheeldon has stated that the club was vital to the town’s tourism industry, but to say Wentworth would struggle if the club folded is clearly scaremongering.

Golfers have the option of a first-rate golf course close by at Coomealla and a course in such a poor condition as Wentworth is not required.

David G Porter,


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Weather alert: Storm warning after hail at Comboyne

Pic by @pedro_lyra1 in Port Macquarie. The caption read: “Pronto para dormir na minha barraca – impermeável” Portuguese for “Ready to sleep in my tent -waterproof!”
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Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce large hailstones, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding and damaging winds in the warning area over the next several hours.

Locations which may be affected include Port Macquarie, Taree, Scone, Bowral, Mudgee and Katoomba.

The Bureau of Meterology reported that3cm hail was observed near Comboyne.

The State Emergency Service advises people should:

Move your car under cover or away from trees.Secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony.Keep clear of fallen power lines.Keep clear of creeks and storm drains.Don’t walk, ride your bike or drive through flood water.If you are trapped by flash flooding, seek refuge in the highest available place and ring 000 if you need rescue.Unplug computers and appliances.Avoid using the phone during the storm.Stay indoors away from windows, and keep children and pets indoors as well.For emergency help in floods and storms, ring the SES on 132 500.The next warning is due to be issued by 10pm.

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Council and Concerned Ratepayers go head to head

CONCERNED Inverell Ratepayers Association (CIRA) rejected, in part, an offer by council to hold discussions on the Town Centre Renewal Plan.
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CONCERNS: Concerned Inverell Ratepayers Association president Caroline Wilson speaks at Wednesday’s council meeting.

For months the association has been criticising the council since it approved the plan in June 2014, which includes possibly removing some plane trees from the CBD and installing a median strip.

Inverell Council Chamber was packed on Wednesday afternoon when about 60 people, the majority of whom were CIRA supporters, attended the council’s monthly meeting.

The first item on the meeting’s agenda was an offer from the mayor for the ratepayers group to meet with him and senior council staff to discuss their differences.

In her address to the council during Public Forum, CIRA president Caroline Wilson indicated they would rather meet with councillors than council staff.

“We consider a more effective process would be to first meet with all nine councillors, with minutes taken,” Ms Wilson said.

“You (councillors) constitute our elected body, you are the representatives of the people and ultimately you are the ones who vote for the motion. Unlike yourselves, senior staff are not subject to re-election.

“They are public servants, who in principle are subject to your decisions, so a meeting with them would be more appropriate if further discussions are required.”

CIRA secretary Larry Cameron – a former councillor – also spoke at public forum, and his message to council was blunt.

“These people you see here have left their businesses, some of them have left their farms and they have come here today because they do not want a central median with Pin Oaks, they do not want a fancy Port Macquarie style square at the intersection of Otho and Evans streets, and they do not want to see the Plane trees to be removed. That’s the guts of it, and that’s what you’ve got to think about,” Mr Cameron said.

Mayor not impressed with ratepayers’ campaign

AT Wednesday’s council meeting mayor Paul Harmon said the campaign waged against council by the Concerned Inverell Ratepayers Association was more vindictive than anything he had seen in his 10 years as a councillor. He said he had been surprised by the ferocity of those acting for the people who had a different view to council.

“You have previously stated that you will run candidates for the next election. I welcome that,” Cr Harmon said.

“I hope that your candidates never have to experience your husband or wife being treated like a leper when they are shopping at Inverell, or having your employer put you on notice due to a decision in council.

“I hope they don’t have to endure being ignored and shunned while representing council at official events, and only having the club president apologising for the behaviour of some people.

“I hope you don’t have to endure these actions, like my councillors and myself have had to in the past few months.”


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Council and ratepayers group need to compromise

The number of people who attended Wednesday’s council meeting may have surprised everyone. A couple of late arrivals took the headcount up to about 60 and the majority were supporters of Concerned Inverell Ratepayers Association (CIRA) who were there in a show of solidarity as the association’s petition against the plan was handed over to council.
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Council tried a conciliatory approach by offering the opportunity of a meeting with councillors and staff in a Mayoral Minute that was subsequently passed by council.


It was a lively meeting and although Mayor Paul Harmon later said there was a sprinkling of Town Centre Renewal Plan supporters present, they did not speak at the public forum, perhaps, instead, opting for discretion.It was obvious from the tone of that part of the meeting that feelings ran high on both sides of this issue, and it was interesting to watch the reactions of the various councillors, which varied from bored to uncharacteristically animated.

What was also obvious (and has been for some time) was the genuine animosity between the groups. Unfortunately this animosity now borders on a hatred that does little credit to this community.

This community through no fault of its own has to live with that, and there is no use saying it is council’s fault because it is not, but it is not CIRA fault either.

Unfortunately, both are as untrusting, intolerant, fixated and inflexible as each other, and if it is a fact that CIRA put out misinformation, then it is also true that council did not put any extra effort into setting the record straight.

The mayor has said his councillors have been subjected to snubs and public ostracism by the savage attacks by CIRA. And CIRA thinks the arrogant behaviour of one councillor towards one of its members was intolerable and, worse still, nothing was done about it.

This whole issue is just getting so far out of control it is just not funny. Both parties need to remember an old saying that everyone who aspires to lead should repeat to themselves every night before they go to bed, ‘with power comes great responsibility’. Time to get responsible folks and think about compromise.

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